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Graded Intruder Alarm

In an attempt to standardize minimum system specifications, whatever equipment manufacturer was chosen, a grading system was introduced.

The security grading is decided following a risk assessment undertaken by CTS. It is basically the process by which we gather the information necessary to design a suitable intruder alarm system that is commensurate with the risk and which meets the needs of the client, i.e. the grade of the system.

The risk assessment comprises:

  • A risk assessment of the building content
  • A risk assessment of the building's fabric and structure
  • A technical survey of the factors that might influence the choice and design of system

The grade of intruder alarm system will depend upon the performance required as determined by the location risk assessments and the Technical Survey.

Grading of Intruder Alarm Systems

The grade of intruder alarm system may be particularly important if you are depending on the alarm system for insurance cover. Insurers may specify a particular grade of system or aspect of design depending on the nature of the risk you are aiming to protect.

Four Grades of alarm system exist, based on increasing levels of resilience against attack by

intruders with anticipated levels of knowledge and tools.

Grade 1: Intruders expected to have little knowledge and limited tools. Alarm is suitable for a low risk.

Grade 2: Intruders expected to have limited knowledge and some tools. Alarm is suitable for a low to medium risk

Grade 3: Intruders expected to have knowledge and full range of tools. Alarm is suitable for medium to high risk.

Grade 4: Intruders expected to have sophisticated knowledge and tools. Alarm is suitable for a high risk.

Custom Technology Solutions use industry leading products to provide all grades of Intruder Alarm System in accordance with BS EN 50131- 1


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